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Knoxville Elder Law and Attorney Dustin S. Crouse focus on helping the aging population navigate the legal challenges associated with growing older. Instead of concentrating on a specific category of law, we represent a specific type of client.


The question is no longer simply, "what happens when I die?" We must all now answer the question: "what happens if I live?" Knoxville Elder Law takes a comprehensive approach to representing our clients and their families. This means taking into account finances, personal and family medical history, family dynamics, and the overall goals of the client. We understand that each person and family is unique, and therefore each approach warrants special care.

Our approach with our clients focuses on three specific goals.


It is important that our clients are not only informed of their legal rights, but also the context behind making decisions. Planning and representation involves a close relationships between federal, state, and local laws and regulations. We understand that our clients feel more confident in any decisions they make when they are fully aware of the legal and practical reasons for doing so.

Goals: Education


We are committed to our clients' desire to have prompt and reliable legal services performed on their behalf. This may mean a quicker-than-normal turnaround time on planning documents, regular status updates about your case, or providing straight-forward advice about your options moving forward. Our dedication is to you, and our goal is to assure that you are given the best possible representation.

Goals: Dedication


We know that no single case is like another. Flexibility means that we will do our best to accommodate any special circumstances that apply to your case; whether that is arranging consultations outside of normal business hours, making home or facility visits, or tailoring a plan that fits your budget and needs. 

Goals: Flexibility




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